Shares Trading

Basics of Trading Shares

Shares are usually issued to collect funds for a company's launch or planned growth, and they represent proportionate ownership of a company or enterprise. A shareholder who purchases shares in a company legitimately holds a certain percentage of the company and will be eligible to exercise voting and collect a part of the profit, known as a dividend, from the company's earnings.

Since the holders of shares have direct equity in the company in which they have opted to invest, share buying is also known as equity trading. When you trade shares, you are speculating on the underlying share price changings rather than simply buying any shares.

After new stocks are issued in the primary market, they are exchanged in the secondary market, where one investor buys shares from another at the actual market price or whatever price the buyer and seller establish. The regulatory body controls the secondary market or stock exchanges. Share trade is a dynamic and exciting market with many trading options in several industries.

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Why Trade Shares with Nagamasa Global?

Fair Pricing - We obtain our prices from a range of sources to guarantee that you get the highest available offers for spot shares trading.

Trade in Both Short and Long Time Frames - While investing, take a long or short position to benefit from price fluctuations.

Trade Shares on Leverage - When you trade shares with Nagamasa Global, you will get maximum exposure with a relatively small investment.

No Hidden Fees - There are no undisclosed costs when selling shares with Nagamasa Global. This, along with the fact that there are no exchange costs, leads to a more efficient trade.

After-market Hours - We offer extended market hours on equities. This will help you minimize risk or take a position before the market opens the following day.

Hedging the Portfolio - Shares are a smart way to hedge other positions while still being less capital-intensive due to leverage.


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Spot Trading

Extend the investing horizon with powerful stock market platforms and far-reaching access. Buy and hold shares promptly and actively. Invest for the purpose of capital growth or dividend profits. Continue to focus on large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap company shares. Look for opportunities both locally and internationally. Our stock investing tactics will direct you to your ultimate destination.