Trading Professionals

Even though Nagamasa Global is not guaranteeing to fulfil everybody’s needs in terms of business, we are convinced that we can propose opportunities, alternatives and solutions in a beneficial manner to anyone involved in the financial markets and who can be exposed to a certain degree of market risk. Moreover, we provide a range of services that can either function individually or that can be efficiently combined in between them. Please let us know what your individual risk management needs so that we assist you accordingly.


Business Plan

The dynamic and volatile markets have had a significant impact on many hedgers who felt themselves vulnerable to the risks of their market. In that respect, we have developed a particular tactic to manage the risk which is not based on overestimating the market. The Business Plan stands for a simple and cost defined plan which provides: Price Control, Cash Flexibility and Confidence.


Strategic Advisory

Due to markets’ uncertainty and unpredictability, investors and traders are conscious of the potential risks and the necessity to address them. It only matters to have the right assistance and support from knowledgeable professionals. Nagamasa Global is able to offer clients the necessary guidance by presenting a range of solutions fitting individual needs. Our team's extensive knowledge and access to actual risk management tools across multiple market environments motivates business owners to confidently face the emerging challenges in the markets.


Market Information

Nagamasa Global focuses on efficiently informing and educating our clients. We consider it important to constantly keep our clients up to date on markets’ evolution and other circumstances that might have an impact on performance. Our site provides access to streaming market news, quotes, charts and other informational sources in order to facilitate the decision-making process.

"Nagamasa Global invests company assets through the same range of services that we offer to our clients. By investing in the same products and using the same methods, we prove to be trustworthy as we act based on analysis and therefore recommend the best alternatives to our clients."
Trading and Investing Department



The essence of any market is the fact that it is perceived and valued differently by its users. A certain market must be accessible to anyone, despite the level of interest coming from its participants, thus Nagamasa Global extends the access to individuals, businesses and large commercial operations. The company provides Equity Index trading, Shares Trading, Cryptocurrency Trading, Commodity, Futures, Options, and Spot Market Trading in a simple, prompt and efficient manner.



Nagamasa Global constantly strives to help our clients determine and take advantage of a diverse series of opportunities while minimizing the risks associated with those opportunities.

  • A fully managed portfolio by a team of professional trading advisors with unique strategies.
  • Independent programs that sustain diversification.
  • Individual account having daily liquidity and transparency.
  • Monitoring full track records before investing.


Trading Systems

  • Analyze our selection of over 300 algorithmic trading systems.
  • Build your own portfolio based on hundreds of systems and track records.
  • Fully control your account - simply turn systems on and off as you see fit.
  • Access daily and monthly statements and actively watch the performance of your account.


Nagamasa Global provides

tailored investment

services complying with customers’ high standards and requirements.

Automated Trading Systems

  • Backtested + Live - Revise our systems’ back tested performance as well as the live trading history.
  • Forward - Tested - Check on how the system functionates using the strategy it involves in real-time within the current market behavior.
  • Programmatic - Systems are following a well-organized and disciplined set of rules that are implemented for an objective and reliable approach to trading.
  • Diversified - Use a tailored set of systems to create a portfolio of highly diversified and unique trading strategies with the purpose of lowering risk and drawdowns.


Trading Advantages

  • The ability to select your preferred systems
  • Trades are auto-executed in your account
  • Access to daily statements with all trades
  • Start or stop new systems through daily monitoring


Trading Highlights

  • Automated trading systems run without the necessity for you to constantly monitor the process. The signals are auto-executed in your account.
  • Follow your performance, enable real-time changes to your portfolio of strategies as required and let the systems handle the rest.
  • Increase accessibility to complex trading algorithms by monitoring the performance of multiple automated trading strategies.