Risk Management

Maximize opportunity. Minimize uncertainty.

At present, markets are sophisticated with prices and market conditions every now and then. Lacking a diversified risk management strategy can be compromising for investors’ margins, budget and price competitiveness. While in the past asset prices were determined by elementary economic factors like weather conditions, supply – demand correlation, nowadays they can be influenced by any of the following factors:

Science and technology factors

  • Biofuels
  • Renewable resources
  • Crop trait enhancements
  • Developing farm practices
  • Electronic trading

Environmental factors

  • Weather conditions
  • Natural disasters
  • Crop cycles

Social factors

  • GMO acceptance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Demand for organic and natural foods

Economic factors

  • Global supply – demand relationship
  • Credit markets
  • Currency fluctuations
  • Energy markets
  • Hedge and pension funds

Political factors

  • Changing administrations
  • Government subsidies
  • Trade arrangements
  • New policies
  • New regulations
"Nagamasa Global invests company assets through the same range of services that we offer to our clients. By investing in the same products and using the same methods, we prove to be trustworthy as we act based on analysis and therefore recommend the best alternatives to our clients."
Trading and Investing Department


Our working strategy

While some companies are exclusively interested in closing a sale, we focus on partnership. Our devoted risk management experts will first determine your business objectives and risk exposure level in order to establish corresponding strategies meant to bring the expected results.


Developing strategies through communication

Our specialists will communicate with you in order to get the best understanding of your business principles and demands. Further on, they will establish your individual business profile, considering your tolerance towards markets’ challenges and will set up tailored recommendations that will turn your business into a successful experience. Among the important questions that we ask are:

  • What is your current approach to managing risk?
  • What are your earnings?
  • Who currently handles budget decisions?


Building a strategy

In the first instance we will cooperate to establish your risk profile. Afterwards, we will work together on a diversified strategy that will heighten your position and meet your business expectations while protecting your sense of confidence.


Importance of diversification

Diversification is a key element for overall risk management. Previously, hedging risk through trading of futures and options was considered a real challenge. Now, risk-management experts work with specifically designed strategies that support customization.

Hedging strategies must comprise a range of components related to volume and timing parameters. We generate and promote individualized solutions aimed to manage the risk:

  • Protect your profit margins
  • Reach your pricing objectives
  • Meet your budget targets
  • Handle competitiveness in the marketplace


We have developed a particular tactic to

manage the risk

which is not based on overestimating the market.

Hedging solutions

  • Customized hedging solutions
  • Flexible solutions to meet your needs
  • Direct transaction or embedded in the physical contract
  • Practical approach towards the market
  • Portfolio diversification

You want to lock in at a certain margin? You need to protect your budget from unexpected market conditions? You are focused on price forecasting?

No matter what your priorities are - we can help you!


Why Nagamasa Global

We have the right qualification to help you minimize uncertainty and maximize opportunity.

We offer risk management solutions for various classes of assets and currencies both locally and internationally. Being a Nagamasa Global partner, you have the chance to cooperate with proficient risk management specialists who possess market knowledge and can recommend customized solutions.

Whether you are interested in protecting margins, securing budgets, minimizing risk or maintaining competitiveness, our team of experts will offer support and assistance through a diversified strategy comprising a wide range of solutions.


Let’s get started

With Nagamasa Global Risk Management support, you will be able to take appropriate business decisions that are based on analysis instead of intuition. Make your business work through a confident approach rather than generalized estimations. Let us help you minimize uncertainty and maximize opportunity.