Our Clients

Nagamasa Global is highly dedicated to positively influence clients’ investments and other business activities.

Traders who have chosen Nagamasa Global services have experienced a combination of individualized assistance, technology opportunities and a high-quality clearing facility.

Nagamasa Global can help local and international clients through offering connections with:

  • Professional Traders and Proprietary Accounts
  • CTAs and Fund Managers
  • Managed Futures Investors
  • Hedgers
  • Guided Accounts


Professional Traders and Proprietary Accounts

The client service department is represented by professionals having the knowledge and abilities required to assist industry participants who are managing personal funds or proprietary funds.

The Nagamasa Global team can customize services to match the needs of proprietary traders that are trading futures and options as a main interest or as a part of a diversified portfolio. Institutional, commercial or individual accounts have a professional status organized by Nagamasa Global experts who are focused to add value to its clients’ portfolio.

Among major services can be counted special handling of complex futures and option strategies as well as post trade reviewing, allocation, reconciliation and reporting. The Nagamasa Global team supports professional traders to explore the international futures marketplace.

Any professional trader operating proprietary futures, options or Forex accounts can request from Nagamasa Global professional guidance and be confident about the results. Our experts will follow up with the clients to assess the set of solutions available through Nagamasa Global.

"With a great deal of increasing trading experience of our board members in trading, Nagamasa Global has faced an amalgam of market conditions. By approaching different aspects of the markets, our team of professionals has gained expertise in managing our clients’ portfolios and is able to undertake the upcoming challenges."
Financial Department


CTAs and Fund Managers

Nagamasa Global cooperates with Trading Advisors and Futures Fund Managers who have third party optional trading authority over separate accounts or merged fund accounts in Managed Futures Programs.

The customer support representatives are aware of the third-party managers’ inquiries whether they do not need to register, are just ready to register, are a one-person operation, are a medium size registered Trading Advisor or a well-organized large group of advisors. The Nagamasa Global specialists offer assistance with other issues including:

  • Start-up issues
  • Disclosure documents
  • Performance accounting
  • Simple or complex trade execution
  • Research resources
  • Clearing firm facilities
  • Back office procedures
  • Trade allocation
  • Investor access
  • Marketing assistance and networking

Trading Advisors can benefit from the efficient connections and associations that Nagamasa Global has with worldwide experts.

Tell us what you are expecting from your executing and clearing advisors and we will organize our services according to your individual needs.


Managed Futures Investors

Nagamasa Global provides services for individual and corporate investors within managed futures programs.

Our experts can assist with a range of services from the selection of Trading Advisors, opening an account, clearing FCM (Futures Commission Merchant), to the completion of the selected programs and the maintenance clients’ individual accounts. The knowledgeable advisors provide investors with various solutions designed to face common difficulties while taking advantage of the company’s important contacts.

Nagamasa Global members establish a direct relationship with managed futures investors as per the interest of the client. This direct relationship is not maintained through the account manager or trading advisor, thus offering investors the possibility to check on important details like the status of the account, activity and equity changes.


We make all

markets accessible

to everyone.


Nagamasa Global is serving hedgers concerned about adjusting the risk in the case of substantial financial exposure to capital markets. This is being performed through execution, clearing and servicing of tailored futures and options positions.

Definitely, lowering the levels of risk creates a matching limitation of profits or losses on hedged transactions. This type of futures trading differs from speculative trading in diversified futures programs, thus involving more consideration from advisors regarding the peculiarities of a certain market. The Nagamasa Global experts prove high competence in implementing custom hedging programs, offering the possibility to choose the type of execution, establishing of clearing accounts and performing margin and risk analysis. Clients can inquire hedging strategies to be adjusted so that they imply a certain level of protection.


Directed Accounts

The Directed Account Program from Nagamasa Global supports the category of clients eager to take advantage of specialized futures services meant to identify the most appropriate products, procedures and transaction types that will bring the expected results.

Directed accounts highlights the difference between individual trading and fully managed futures trading accounts. By the help of the Guided Account Program, clients are being explained and assisted on how to monitor their accounts and make efficient trading decisions. The Nagamasa Global associates are not fully authorized to trade on guided accounts, however they can assist by addressing concerns and verifying data.