Letter from the Board of Directors

Letter from the Board of Directors


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest in Nagamasa Global.


Nagamasa Global competes for retail, institutional and corporate brokerage business, in the international markets. Nagamasa Global aims to offer the highest level of customer service and transaction capability required by today’s sophisticated financial market participants.


We specialise in exchange traded assets, centrally cleared across all market sectors on a multi asset class basis. The team Nagamasa Global strives to earn our customers’ loyalty, through expert service and our unstinting intent to excellence. Nagamasa Global’s strong values provide comfort to all customers both current and future. We do not take proprietary positions; the customer is our number one priority. We focus only on you, our most valued asset.


Operating as a single capacity broker, we do not have any conflicts of interest in the services we provide for you. Nagamasa Global is part of one of the world’s leading clearers in Futures and Options. The care of our customers’ assets is at the core of our business model. Regulation has become a key driver in the financial services industry. Nagamasa Global is supportive of the rules and regulations surrounding customer segregation and the protection of segregated funds.

We look forward to working together.



Nagamasa Global has gained a justified reputation for being

receptive and focused

on details with both clients and partners