Extensive knowledge. What We Do?

Nagamasa Global is a commodity brokerage company that is clearing trades on all major exchanges and provides investment consultancy to a wide range of professional clients. Our experience relates to various sectors, from agricultural trading to hedging.

Contact us to benefit from our support in managing the risk under market volatility and receive a complimentary analysis of your business plan.


Our Solution

Our prominent industry expertise along with advanced technology help us provide a new dimension within profit management. We offer professional service and stability through a progressive income management technology, thus giving our clients the chance to efficiently face market turmoil.


Our Technology Platform

Our industry technology offers our customers the necessary support while establishing, managing and developing their business plans. Our technology enables our customers to monitor their operations in an exclusive manner. By using our highly developed platform, we can promptly identify potential discrepancies of the marketing plan and take corresponding measures.

Nagamasa Global customers will always have an appropriate vision related to the position of their operations in terms of revenue and profit. They will better perceive the complex connections between cash sales, hedging strategies and risk mitigation.

Our financial advisers take the responsibility to evaluate customers’ plans depending on different cost - profit scenarios, thus choosing the best alternative to recommend according to certain market conditions.


Market Beat

Nagamasa Global customers are updated on a daily basis regarding market news and events and they also can access various monthly reports and surveys. Our solid position in the markets altogether with our industry expertise enables us to get information from different resources.

"Nagamasa Global invests company assets through the same range of services that we offer to our clients. By investing in the same products and using the same methods, we prove to be trustworthy as we act based on analysis and therefore recommend the best alternatives to our clients."
Trading and Investing Department


Investment Advisory Services

At Nagamasa Global, we are aware that the markets are often challenging. This is why we offer customized advisory services to help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Our advisory services are meant to help you make your individual investment decisions and manage the overall asset allocation of your portfolio, while being offered pre-trade consultancy on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Accordingly, we are recommending investments depending on the criteria of your profile in order to increase profit potential.

Our investment advisers continuously cooperate with the clients in order to understand their needs and expectations and therefore to assist with appropriate recommendations and business ideas.

  • We strive to increase profitability and development despite the market conditions.
  • We explore the markets at a global level.
  • We work with qualified and experienced advisors.
  • We open individual, joint and corporate accounts.
  • We handle diverse profile in dependence with the client’s goals and suitability.
  • We offer direct access to our team of experts enabled to build and manage clients’ portfolios.


Commodities Trading

Through commodity derivatives, our clients benefit from a wide range of risk hedging solutions as their business is highly connected with commodity prices and it also provides them with access to alternatives through various investment strategies and structured solutions.

Our commodity indexed transaction team and commodities futures team are having the required competence to handle risk-management and to ensure solutions across all commodity derivatives.

  • OTC risk-mitigation solutions
  • Execution, clearing and cash-management services
  • Investment products
  • Market knowledge and strategy
  • Post-trade solutions


Engineering solutions and

proprietary technology

as well as innovative third-party trading applications and data feeds

Market Access

Clients have access to trade executions within both established and emerging markets. Our well-organized and experienced team of advisers is able to execute orders of any complexity by considering competitiveness and the importance of the high-quality service.

Products available include:

  • Share trading: Powerful stock trading tools with far reaching access to expand our clients’ investment horizon. They can invest for capital appreciation or dividend income. Focus on large-cap, mid-cap or small-cap company shares. Target domestic or international opportunities. Our equity trading strategies will take the clients wherever they want to go.
  • Equity index trading: Our clients can trade index from around the world with the tightest spreads in the market and low margin requirements.
  • Cryptocurrency trading: The gateway to have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Exchange traded commodities, futures and options: Access to a diversified range of trading platforms in order to match different levels of trading.
  • OTC exchange cleared futures and options: Dedicated expertise and access to clearing facilities for OTC contracts for commodities, shipping, equities, FX, cryptocurrencies and other asset classes.
  • CFDs: Comprising electronic direct access within different markets.
  • Foreign Exchange: Competitive pricing, execution and clearing across spot and forward foreign exchange trading.
  • Fixed income: Diverse market access for corporate and government bonds.
  • Energy and metals: Experienced and distinguished market specialists creating a global impact within energy and metals trading.
  • Agricultural derivatives: Providing special platforms for price discovery and ensuring transactions through the derivatives clearing structure.

Through a great deal of experience and innovative trading philosophy, we are making sure that our customers can trade efficiently across world markets.