Our people will always play a key role in providing high quality services to our clients.

At Nagamasa Global we give importance to talent and discipline for each position and competency. Candidates are appreciated based on educational qualifications, knowledge and experience, communication skills and of course based on their values. As an enterprise driven by ethics and supremacy, Nagamasa Global welcomes people who share the same standards in their professional lives.

"With a great deal of increasing trading experience of our board members in trading, Nagamasa Global has faced an amalgam of market conditions. By approaching different aspects of the markets, our team of professionals has gained expertise in managing our clients’ portfolios and is able to undertake the upcoming challenges."
Financial Department

Nagamasa Global is represented through productive competition combined with effective teamwork, traditional perception along creativity, personal determination together with common purpose. We support our people to think beyond the limits while respecting the boundaries of ethics and integrity. Nagamasa Global team is represented by stakeholders in their financial and professional career path.

Our company is looking for talented and determined individuals to join our team of experts, thus contributing to the expansion of our services. We are always welcoming to cooperate with people who manifest strong relational and quantitative skills and values. Our company’s reputation has been established by diverse individuals focused on problem solving and having a strong devotion for gaining the best results.

We create an open and receptive team environment that enforces hard work and corresponding rewards.


Nagamasa Global has gained a justified reputation for being

receptive and focused

on details with both clients and partners


Nagamasa Global is committed to the prosperity of its representatives, thus we offer extensive benefits packages to our associates.

You can take advantage of our competitive benefits program from the first day you become a member of Nagamasa Global team. All our associates are eligible for a complete package that includes:

  • Health and Insurance — Health, Insurance and Retirement
  • Employee Services — Associate Services