About Us

Experience. Transparency. Results.

Nagamasa Global provides tailored investment services complying with customers’ high standards and requirements. The company offers accessibility and assistance within all aspects of financial futures, commodity futures and options to both existing and emerging Commodity Trading Advisors, Professional Traders, Managed Futures Investors, Fund Managers, Hedgers and other interested parties around the world.

Nagamasa Global activates in the interest of its customers by efficiently processing their inquiries while thoroughly following the markets and the industry trends, keeping pace with trading technologies and prioritizing the specific needs of traders. Accordingly, the firm has gained a justified reputation for being receptive and focused on details with both clients and partners. Namely due to its reputable status, Nagamasa Global differs from other Introducing Brokers and Financial Advisors. The experts’ knowledge and experience are constantly improving as the company continues to explore the growth areas of the futures industry and represents the various interests of the market participants.

The company maintains and develops its client base once keeping into consideration the diverse needs of the customers and the conditions of the markets they are involved in. The Nagamasa Global team values long-term relationships with many clients who have managed and developed their businesses with the help of our knowledgeable and dedicated experts.


Why Nagamasa Global

Nagamasa Global offers assistance to active traders, institutional clients and API developers by promoting proprietary technology and engineering solutions as well as innovative third-party trading applications and data feeds.

Our clients receive 24-hours-a-day trading support on an international level, individual assistance regarding our trading tools and a wide range of support services designed to develop one’s trading capabilities for independent business management.

We give traders the possibility to choose among our products and trading techniques in order to emphasize personalized service. There are several account plans:

"Our company’s reputation has been established by diverse individuals focused on problem solving and having a strong devotion for gaining the best results. We create an open and receptive team environment that enforces hard work and corresponding rewards."
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  • The Markdown Account plan: This plan is characterized by services that may be adjusted to the requirements of professional, commercial, institutional investors and individual traders.
  • The Full-Service Account plan: This plan is designed for traders who can benefit from the same type of service available through our Markdown Account Plan but who inquire more explicit support. With the assistance of a broker clients can develop order entry, technical analysis and risk management skills as well as track their positions and equity.


Our Mission

Nagamasa Global is focused to provide high level customer service along with the latest technology empowering direct access multi-asset trading. Through our current offerings, customers from around the world can access and benefit from the global derivatives markets.


Our Edge

Experience - With a great deal of increasing trading experience of our board members in commodity trading, Nagamasa Global has faced an amalgam of market conditions. By approaching different aspects of the markets, our team of professionals has gained expertise in managing our clients’ portfolios and is able to undertake the upcoming challenges.

Due Diligence Process - Nagamasa Global completes a both qualitative and quantitative analysis of Commodity Trading Advisors’ investment strategies and performance.

We are also Investors - Nagamasa Global invests company assets through the same range of services that we offer to our clients. By investing in the same products and using the same methods, we prove to be trustworthy as we act based on analysis and therefore recommend the best alternatives to our clients.

Transparency - Nagamasa Global’s proprietary portfolio management software shows full transparency to our clients. Having access to the latest upgrades, clients are able to track their commodity portfolios using their preferred devices.


Nagamasa Global has gained a justified reputation for being

receptive and focused

on details with both clients and partners

Our Clients

A diverse range of global investors benefit from Nagamasa Global’s knowledge and expertise in the process of building, managing and developing commodity trading portfolios. Investors rely on our experts, back-office infrastructure and custodian relationships in order to enable and facilitate the creation and development of their managed futures portfolio. Some of our clients include:

Individual Investors - Nagamasa Global uses managed futures to provide individual investors with the opportunity to diversify their overall investment portfolio. The company offers individual investors, either new or experienced in managed futures, the required assistance and support needed to fully benefit from what managed futures have to offer.

Family Offices - Various family offices across Asia Pacific Region access Nagamasa Global’s range of services and data in order to perform research and due diligence reports on commodity trading. Some family offices redistribute their entire managed futures allocation to Nagamasa Global, as it is more cost-efficient rather than having their own managed futures research team, since the assets allocated to managed futures represent a small part of their overall allocation.

Financial Advisors / Registered Investment Advisors - While financial advisors are proficient in managing traditional assets in their clients’ portfolios, they often do not handle allocating a portion of those assets to managed futures. This is where Nagamasa Global takes the responsibility to handle the entire process: providing of educational material and customized portfolios, managing the account opening process and offering continuous support to maintain each portion of the overall investment.

Institutional Investors - Pension funds, hedge funds and fund of funds have all been investing in managed futures for the past decade. In the process of allocating one or more portions of their overall portfolio towards managed futures, they require assistance from companies like Nagamasa Global, who are highly experienced in managing funds. Institutional investors rely on our personal experience to help them make efficient decisions on selecting the investment cycles and the trading advisor to guide them.